Ever wondered why so many Kenyans are single? Here’s why

Despite Kenyan men having been voted the most faithful in Africa in a recent study, and the women considered beautiful and loving, the number of single men and women in the country has often been high; at least going by the social media gripe either gender has expressed on matters relationship.

Many people still do not understand why such a population of beautiful, educated, smart, and sociable people opts for singlehood.

Speculations, in a bid to respond to the mystery, have been rife from the third party; the married, the engaged and the hooked.

However, the single generation has finally come out to clear the air making it the country’s trending topic, (#IWillFallInLoveIf) on Twitter, with reasons for their singleness.

Here are samples of the tweets, which at least shed a light on why there could be more single people than those in serious relationships or married in the country:

Men’s tweets

Kevin Echoto wrote: “I will fall in love if she can tolerate it when I am 90% goofy and 10% loser.”

Musyoka Peter said: “I’ll fall in love if she realises the only way to my heart is through my stomach. Food actually turns me on.”

Another one, Evans Gimix, jokingly told, “I’ll only fall in love if she is a short lady. So that when she nags, I lift and put her on top of the fridge till she behaves.”

Lamech Paul Oduor chose to address the debate of finance versus romance: “I’ll fall in love if she doesn’t relate the love she has for me with money, because the two don’t mix!”

Collins Otieno’s grievance was with ladies who are more knowledgeable on lifestyle and showbiz compared to general issues: “I’ll fall in love if she can narrate Kenyan constitution like she does to Justin Bieber’s lyrics.”

Women’s tweets

Anne Kabare is on the pursuit of a man who cooks: “I will fall in love if you are a good cook, scratch that – amazing cook!”

Imani Baha chose to prioritise trust: “I will fall in love if you give me your Facebook, Twitter and phone passwords.”

One Lisa fancies authenticity: “I’ll fall in love if you don’t try to be somebody else, and also you accept me for who I am.”

Another, Peli Nyc, listed a whole lot of demands: “I’ll fall in love if the guy can combine brains with maturity, understanding, respect, honesty, loyalty, confidence, sacrifice and mercy.”

Samba Bonita wrote: “I’ll date you if you respect God; yes, I am that chick.”

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