Of air hostesses, privacy: Eric Omondi treats girlfriend to awe-inspiring birthday party aboard airplane – VIDEO


Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi has proven time and again that he is not a hopeless romantic.

Just when we thought that a very emotional and sweet birthday message was it, he went ahead and planned a birthday surprise for his beau Chantal Grazioli aboard a Dubai-bound plane.

In a video posted by the celebrated comic star on Instagram, Chantal seemed to have been on her Ipad before being suddenly surrounded by cake and wine-wielding air hostesses. She blushed through the birthday song and appeared so happy, and who won’t be if your boyfriend plies you with cake and wine some 36,000 feet above the sea level!

Eric, Chantal and Chipukizi were headed to Dubai for The Kenya Diaspora Day, which will feature the two comedians on  May 26 at Deria. The Dubai visit will double up as a birthday trip for the birthday girl. Earlier Eric had sent his girlfriend of four years a touching birthday message.

He wrote: “It’s been four years since God personally sent down an angel for me…I know He cut off your wings so that I would believe you are human. Your smile, kindness and heart are out of this world. I am forever grateful to the heavens for honouring me with one of their own… Happy birthday my love.”


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