Eric Omondi pretends to live in posh house, gets busted

We all know that guy – the one who pretends to be a high rolling baller even though he’s barely making ends meet.

Often these wannabes use other people’s money and resources to build their flashy profile; and it is all fun and games until their sham falls apart.

This is the predicament that comedian Eric Omondi finds himself in on Nameless’ new video Let it Go.

In the opening sequence, a sharply dressed Omondi welcomes two friends (Nameless and Nyashinski) for a pool party at his residence. Surrounded by a bevy of curvaceous beauties, the trio have a delightful time until the actual owners of the home show up.

At this point, the lady of the home unceremoniously stops the music demanding to know why her house boy (Omondi) is hosting people at her house. Busted, Omondi kneels to beg for forgiveness.

Thankfully, Baba watoto comes to the rescue by telling people to continue with their merrymaking.

The upbeat five-minute music video was released on Thursday, and it has already begun making a buzz online. Fusing chakacha tunes with modern music, the song has a distinct African feel about it.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section:

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