Eric Omondi: I’m sorry for indecent video clip

Comedian Eric Omondi has apologised to Kenyans for a video clip, which shows him playing and jumping into River Turkwel in Turkana County while naked in the company of teenage children.

The 2-minute clip was shared on micro-blogging site Twitter on Wednesday, February 26th, sparking outrage on the social media platform, with many online users calling out the comedian for being disrespectful, insensitive and impetuous.

Mr Omondi says that it was not his intention to offend anyone, and that the video clip was leaked to Twitter by a person, who was bent on painting him in bad light.

Speaking to eDaily, Mr Omondi said he was taking part in a culture typical of African rural life, only that he did not think the moment would be captured on video and posted on social media.

“I have reflected on what I did, and I have realised my actions were so wrong. Let me be honest, that was bad, very bad. I want to say this from the deepest part of my heart; I am very sorry to those who were offended by my actions, and Kenyans at large,” he Eric Omondi.

“The video was not meant for social media. I want to apologise for the indecency. I did not mean to offend or harm anyone; those were not my intentions. My intention has always been to make people happy.

“As a comedian, sometimes, when you try to make people happy, you err. Yesterday (Wednesday, February 28) was one of those days when I made a mistake. But again, I did not leak the video; it was meant to remain on the shores of River Turkwel.

“One thing I will not apologise for is being African. This is our continent; bathing in the river has been our culture and tradition. We swim in rivers. Our forefathers did it. It is happening right now in Turkana, Malawi, Djibouti.

“But, what I want to apologise for is that it is out there; and it is being deemed as indecent because of technological advancements the society has gone through over the years. You’ll agree with me that most of our children today have not been brought up in the rural setting, where bathing in the river is deemed to be normal practice.

“So, when they see that video of me swimming naked in the river, then it is not good. I want to admit it was wrong. I am very sorry. It was not my intention. God can bear me witness. My calling and God’s gift to me is to make people happy, I will strive to achieve that,” said Mr Omondi.

The controversial video saw Mr Omondi trend at top position on Twitter Wednesday evening through Thursday morning.


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