Emotional Amber Lulu reveals how Nandy paid her rent when she was broke

Amber Lulu and Nandy. PHOTOS | COURTESY

Bongo artist Amber Lulu has revealed that fellow Tanzanian songstress Nandy at one point sent her money to use to pay her rent when she was cash strapped.

Speaking during an interview with Tanzania’s Rick Media, the emotional singer expressed gratitude to the ‘Hazipo’ star for aiding her in time of need.

“Nandy saw that I was in need when my rent was due and she asked if she could support me and I accepted…she sent me money which I used to pay my rent and also for my upkeep,” revealed Amber Lulu.

Amber Lulu, who was among the all-female artist line-up invited to perform at the inaugural Nandy Festival 2019, described the ‘Kivuruge’ hitmaker as a person who is always ready to bail out a friend.

She further commended Nandy for being on the front-line in ensuring women in the country’s showbiz industry prosper career-wise.

“Nandy like a sister to me, she has done something that has never been done before. As women we need to love and support each other, but all we do is fight. Nandy has stood up for fellow women, she knows the strength of a woman and for that I thank her,” she added.

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