Embu women protecting ‘rapist’ husbands – Embu North OCPD


A section of women in Embu County are shielding their husbands from facing the law after the men engage in defilement  of minors, Embu North OCPD Mark Wanjala says.

Mr Wanjala claims some of these women, who already have children from previous relationships, enter into new marriages, in which current husbands take sexual advantage of their [women’s] daughters.

The police boss, who spoke at his office in Manyatta on Monday, claims in many instances, these women are aware of the defilement cases, but choose to remain silent about them in a bid to protect their marriages.

Mr Wanjala says defilement crimes perpetrated by step-fathers and close relatives are on the rise in Embu, with some victims being as young as 3 years old.

The police boss has urged women to report child defilement and other sexual violence crimes so that the victims can get justice.

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