Embu pastor caught having sex with another man’s wife clobbered senseless


There was was drama at Bonanza village in Embu County after a pastor was caught having sex with another man’s wife Thursday.

The pastor had visited the man’s house, where he committed the act.

Irked residents landed blows and kicks on the “man of clothe” after the woman’s husband raised alarm upon busting the randy pair eating the forbidden fruit on his matrimonial bed.

The aggrieved husband, identified as James Itumo, said he had been setting a trap to corner his wife and the pastor. He had harbored suspicions about the two having an illicit affair behind his back, as his wife would host the pastor at night when he was on night shift duty away from home.

He said that at around 9am Thursday, the pastor arrived at his home and gained entry into the house through the back door, as he did not want neighbours to recognise him.

Itumo said he spied on the two from the outside of his house until late in the night.

When the cold outside had began eating into the bones of Mr Itumo, he shut the doors of his house from outside and then raised alarm that captured attention of his neighbours.

Mr Itumo said the philandering pair then began to “pray” at the top of their voices upon learning that the woman’s husband was outside the house, and had taken notice of their sexual activity.

However, Mr Itumo heard none of it.

The pastor attempted to escape through the house’s main door, but was caught and clobbered senseless by an irate mob that comprised neighbours of Mr Itumo.

According to a neighbour who sought anonymity, Mr Itumo’s wife had been hosting the pastor in her matrimonial home despite being warned severally by her fellow women against the open act of infidelity.

Police rushed to the scene, where they arrested Mr Itumo, his wife and the pastor. The three were driven to Embu Police Station, but were released on Friday to solve their issues out of court.


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