Embu man bites dog in bizarre incident


A middle-aged man from Kiangwaci Village in Embu West Sub-County is nursing injuries in his arms after a stray dog bit him on Monday, January 28.

In a bid to free himself from the teeth of the dog, Eugenio Munyi bit the animal in the ears, forcing it to flee while in pain.

Munyi says the dog had earlier attacked a Class Eight pupil, and her screams for help forced him into action, hurling a stone at the dog.

The dog, however, charged toward Munyi, and bit him in the arms, forcing the middle-aged man to retaliate.

He claims fur stuck in his mouth after biting the dog’s ears.

The pupil, who the dog had earlier attacked, was rushed to Embu Level 5 Hospital, where she is receiving treatment for head and arm injuries.

The girl’s parents said they had sent her to buy milk in the neighbourhood, when she was attacked by the animal.

Nyumba Kumi Initiative Chairperson, Sammy Namu, said the dog had, until then, attacked three people in the village.

On Sunday, the dog also attacked a boy, who was in the company of his grandmother on the road.

Residents now want measures to be put in place to avert attacks by stray dogs in the village.

Some of the residents have suggested that the animals be poisoned before their attacks result in fatalities.

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