Embu family ‘moves with graves’ after selling land


A family in Embu shocked villagers on Thursday when they decided to ‘move’ three graves of their loved ones to a new burial site so that they can transfer ownership of the land to a private developer.

The family of Veronica Ndwiga dug the graves of three family members after it obtained a court order to exhume the three graves.

The family sold Kangaru land (where they were living) to a buyer who has now decided to construct a facility on the plot, leaving the family with no option but to ‘move their loved ones’ graveyards’.

Francis Kathuri – one of the family members, says after debating for long –, they decided they won’t allow the private developer to flatten the graves as they had acquired a bigger land elsewhere.

Mr Kathuri revealed the three graves of his late brother, wife and sister-in-law will be ‘moved’ to Kimagaru village; which is about 20 kilometers away.

The family sought the services of the village youth who exhumed the remains with curious villagers thronging the area to witness the ‘bizarre’ incident.

Mr Kathuri defended their action saying it was the collective wish of the family.

He added burial rituals will be performed on the new grave site before reburial of the three bodies is conducted.


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