Electronics, money and other valuables stolen at Reginald Mengi’s home


Two suspects – a man and a woman – have been arrested on suspicion of stealing valuables from Reginald Mengi’s home.

Among the items stolen include: gold jewellery, laptops and money whose amount is yet to be revealed.

The family spokesperson Benson Mengi, who is a nephew of the deceased, confirmed that the said-items were stolen at the house belonging to the late Reginald Mengi and his wife, Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe-Mengi.

It is believed some of the money and jewellery belonged to mourners who were still condoling with the billionaire’s family last weekend.

Kilimanjaro police boss, Hamis Issah, said at least two suspects have been arrested in connection with the theft.

Mr Issah says authorities suspect the theft was orchestrated by persons close to the Mengi family.

“We suspect the theft was an inside job. I believe our investigations will lead us to arresting some family members. It is unfortunate that we are still mourning the late Mengi yet we are forced to make arrests. The theft happened after several mourners claimed that they were family members, and therefore, were allowed entry into rooms they shouldn’t have ordinarily accessed,” Mr Issah told Tanzania’s Global Publishers.

Reginald Mengi, whose net worth was estimated at Ksh56 billion by Forbes in 2014, died on April 30.

Mr Mengi, who died aged 75, was buried at his Kilimanjaro home on May 9.

He is survived by a wife, Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe, formerly known in the music circles as K-Lynn.

Mengi and Ntuyabaliwe share two children together.

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