Elani to drop new album this month: Details


You are probably wondering where talented music trio, Elani, is.

For those who flow with the rumours you might have thought or imagined that they quit the music industry.

The African pop band has been sharing selfies and short videos on their social media pages, but this has not been quite satisfying for their fans who have been asking a lot of questions.

It has been two years now since the award-winning music band ‘Elani’ released their last song. The band, made up of Wambui Ngugi, Brian Chweya and Maureen Kunga, is popular for their artistic and creative songwriting skills and musical magic.

The three released their first major hit single titled ‘Jana Usiku’ in 2013.

In 2014, Elani released their one and only album ‘Barua ya Dunia’

Recently, the group has been receiving a lot of comments from their fans implying that they were disappointed with the inconsistency and silence.

Some mentioned that they were getting fed up with the group sharing selfies instead of releasing new songs.

For the Elani fans, I am sure they would agree that their music has always been rich in terms of content and uniqueness.

Some diehard fans, however, have been showing a sense of support and patience towards the team.

This is based on the comments that were sent to the band’s Instagram page after the countless selfies and videos that were shared on their platform for a couple of months.

The trio  had not shared or responded to their fans’ comments, giving an explanation to them; until recently when they shared a video saying that they are yet to release their new album ‘ColoursOfLove’ on August 8.

This has raised a lot of excitement from fans who seem to be looking forward to the day or the album release.

The band is also famous for their victory in the 2014 AFRIMA awards as the best African Pop Song award.

With such a big announcement, the fans have definitely set high standards and expectations on this album, although Elani has not revealed the theme of their album.



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