Duale says “Raila too junior for him” – and that “Odinga out to make billions of shillings in elections”

Majority Leader in the National Assembly, Aden Duale, has claimed that he deserted opposition leader Raila Odinga because Odinga wanted to “financially extort him and other politicians, who were then affiliated to the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Party”.

Speaking in Mombasa during the last retreat for MPs in Eleventh Parliament, Duale said he and Deputy President William Ruto left Odinga’s camp because he (Odinga) “was out to make a billion shillings by selling (ODM) certificates to aspirants of elective positions”.

Duale’s statement comes just a day after Odinga said he groomed the Majority Leader for politics yet the Garissa Town MP has turned his back on him for Jubilee.

“I personally picked up Duale and took him to one of the Sheikhs and a group of respected elders in Garissa Town, and urged them to support him for the Dujis Constituency parliamentary seat. But unfortunately Duale, a then-unpopular figure in the political scene, is now among those traversing the country abusing and calling me all manner of names. I leave all this to God,” Raila told a gathering in Garissa on Thursday.

In a spirited rejoinder Friday, Duale said: “I dare him (Odinga) to speak about me. I will bring receipts of all the women he sold nomination certificates to. I walked out on him. Let him not just speak about William Ruto, he is the man who introduced me to ODM. Raila is a very frustrated man, if he had been building careers of people why has he been losing people?” posed Duale.

“I was shocked because he said he funded my campaign, can he produce receipts? I can produce evidence of KSh18 million we mobilised. I dare him to a contest to a television of his choice not in a rally in Garissa.

“His (Odinga’s) business in elections is not to win, it is to make money by selling nomination certificates to make more gold. I used to run business, I’m challenging him, we made him a national leader we reduced him in 2013 we will reduce him in 2017,” said Duale.

“If he’s losing the game he should not try us or me. Tell him to say how he got KSh18 million we got for him – me and my family. I campaigned for him let him come face me in Garissa. We realised with Ruto that Odinga was out to make a billion shillings by selling certificates, that is why we bolted.”

Duale added: “My position as Majority Leader in the National Assembly is bigger than any prime minister he ever was. He is too junior to me. Odinga insists he will run in August 8 polls. The decision was made in October last year.”

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