Duale isn’t entirely responsible for your troubles, Khalwale to NASA CEO Magaya

Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale has urged NASA CEO Norman Magaya to do soul-searching in order to find out why he (Magaya) was not elected to the East Africa Legislative Assembly (EALA) by Members of Parliament (MPs) on December 14.

Mr Khalwale says Mr Magaya’s proposition that the National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale is to blame for his EALA lock-out is not fully valid.

Mr Magaya took to micro-blogging site, Twitter, on December 15 to accuse Mr Duale of bribing MPs to vote against him.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you. To Mr. Duale, the Ksh11.5m marshaled to bump me off will not dim my star. Take this to the bank, I will be back soon, facing you off in the parlor of Parliament. You can buy MPs, but you can’t buy ordinary voters,” tweeted Mr Magaya.

Taking to the same social media platform on December 16, Mr Khalwale, responded to Mr Magaya’s allegations, saying “there was no way Mr Duale could have marshaled all NASA MPs against him.”

“Careful my brother! Your tribulations aren’t exclusively coz of Hon Duale. There is also the small matter of what NASA/ODM actually wanted. See how Dr Oburu and Kennedy Kalonzo easily got votes from both NASA and Jubilee?” said Mr Khalwale.

MPs and Senators on Thursday, December 14 fronted nine representatives – from Jubilee Party and the NASA coalition – to EALA on Thursday in a voting and tallying exercise which lasted more than six hours.


NASA’s representatives to EALA are: Kennedy Musyoka, who got the highest number of votes from both Houses (309), former Balambala MP Abdikadir Aden (234), Dr Oburu Oginga (243) and former Wajir Woman Representative Fatuma Ibrahim Ali (142).

Mr Magaya, who was initially perceived to be a front-runner by a section of the coalition’s supporters, managed 52 votes.

NASA’s numerical strength in both Houses is 155.


Former Kamukunji lawmaker Simon Mbugua got the majority votes among Jubilee Party’s 14 nominees – 286.

Others elected on the Jubilee Party ticket are Jematiah Sergon (252), former Mandera North MP Aden Nooru Mohammed (192), former Tigania East MP Mpuru Aburi (208) and former Nyandarua Woman Representative Wanjiku Muhia (180).

Kenya’s representatives to EALA will be sworn in on Monday, December 18 in Arusha, Tanzania.


Following his loss in the EALA vote, Mr Magaya took to social media on December 14 to claim he could have been locked out of the EALA representation due to his hard-line stance against the ruling Party Jubilee, which enjoys a majority representation in Parliament.

“Unapologetic, tenacious, relentless, unremorseful, non compromising and principled. Will never beg on my knees for favors. Keep them. Forever stay on my feet. There is dignity in being firm. Forever grateful to my mentor @orengo_james. Charismatic!” he tweeted.


Lawyer and former Nairobi Senator candidate on ODM ticket Edwin Sifuna felt Mr Magaya’s loss was as a result of a gang-up against him by NASA MPs, who “do not know how to reward Party loyalty”.

“My brother Norman Magaya is tough. This EALA slip will not slow him. But we need to fix the reward system in Nasa. Nay, we need a reward system in Nasa. Chin up @amugira!” wrote Mr Sifuna.

Just like Mr Sifuna, other Kenyans also took to the online networking site, Twitter, to blame NASA MPs for Mr Magaya’s fall.

Bob Odhiambo‏ (@Bob_Odhiambo) said: “ODM/NASA Members of Parliament and Senators predictably did an embarrassing thing last night. During the vote for EALA members, MPs and Senators decided Oburu Odinga is better than a youthful and promising CEO Norman Magaya…”

Rein (@Asamoh_ )‏ wrote: “Norman Magaya ( @amugira ) don’t worry, you have been very consistent in the struggle for electoral justice for the last months. It is unfortunate some elements in @CoalitionNASAKe and Jubilee marked you a wanted man. You will fight another day.”

Blogger Lord Mutai‏ (@ItsMutai) tweeted: “That Kalonzo Musyoka’s son and Raila Odinga’s brother Oburu Odinga made it through to EALA, but a serious brain like Norman Magaya lost tells a sad story. A story of a people fighting to keep certain families in power and all the while brainwashed to believe it is for the country!”

The Northern Leftist‏ (@ArapDoyo) said: “Norman Magaya’s failure at EALA voting only proves that politicians shall always stand for their fellow politicians, party affiliation notwithstanding. Technocrats like Norman Magaya who take hard viewpoints in the defense of party ideals are sadly dropped like hot potatoes.”

Erick Atitwa‏ (@AtitwaGmail) felt all was not lost for Mr Magaya. He tweeted: “Kudos NASA MPs for not taking Norman Magaya to EALA. We need him more in NASA as the CEO for he is the principled guy that we have always wanted at a time of revolutionary moments like this. Magaya God had to keep you there for the next events.”

Trouble Some‏ (@johncigi) said: “Norman Magaya, welcome to politics in Kenya where your last name does the talking for you. Nepotism at its best and our honourable MPs just showed us.”

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