Dramatic scenes as 2 police officers confronted, stoned by Tuk Tuk rider – VIDEO


A video of a solo Tuk Tuk rider stoning two traffic police officers on a road has gone viral on Facebook.

The cause of the violent confrontations remain unknown, though it is believed by a section of online users that the Tuk Tuk rider could have flouted traffic rules.

The 42 seconds video clip begins by showing the Tuk Tuk rider pinning one of the law enforcement officers to the ground and throwing punches at him and, thereafter, leaves toward his Tuk Tuk.

While that was happening, the other cop was hiding in a nearby ditch.

The Tuk Tuk rider got into his three-wheeled motorized vehicle and sped off.

The second cop came out of hiding, picked a stone and pelted it at the Tuk Tuk.

The rider, however, made a U-turn and chased one of the cops, who managed to escape the aggression.

The Tuk Tuk rider then made a second U-turn, rode for approximately five meters, stopped, stormed out of the motorized vehicle, and picked stones on the road, which he hurled at the police officers.

The cops ran away to escape the attack.

The video ends showing the Tuk Tuk rider getting into his motorized vehicle.

The date when the video was shot, and the location of the incident remain unclear, though the registration plate of the Tuk Tuk shows it happened in Kenya.

EDAILY has reached police spokesperson Charles Owino for comment.

What is going on here? Were 2 police officers repulsed by a TukTuk driver?#DriveByTukTukStyle#UtumishiKwaWote

Posted by Waihiga Mwaura on Sunday, November 25, 2018

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