Drama replays in public as German, 67, makes new accusations against 28-year-old Kenyan wife


Pleschke Heinz-Georg is making news again; 3 years after sharing with the public details of his roller-coaster union with Kenyan woman Eva Karwitha.

Mr Georg now claims his wife has ditched him without any justifiable reason.

He claims his marriage – unknown to him – came to a crashing halt last December, when he left for his native country, Germany, to renew his passport.

“In December 2017, she (Eva) started her bad game again. I went to Germany for a short trip to renew my passport. She took me to the airport, hugged, kissed and bade me farewell. She promised to pick me once I jetted back into Kenya,” said Mr Georg.

“I arrived back at the Moi International Airport in Mombasa just a few days to Christmas. Nobody picked me up. I tried to call her, but her phone contact was off. I took a taxi to Diani. (Shock on me) when I opened the door of our home and found the house had been looted. My TV set, refrigerator, microwave oven and car were missing,” said Mr Georg.

The 67-year-old says his investigation revealed that the mother-of-one was staying with her new partner in Syokimau, Machakos County.

“After all, I am not bitter. It’s true I am still married to a [expletive]. I wish her all the best in the future. There won’t be a third forgiveness chance to her. Not again. There won’t be a happy end to this drama, again. My door is now closed; forever and ever,” said Mr Georg.

When asked by one of his followers why he was displaying his marital woes in the open, Mr Georg said since his earlier marriage problem was broadcast in the public, he sees no reason as to why it shouldn’t end publicly.

The now dejected Mr Georg claims he “won’t trust a Kenyan woman again”.

EDAILY reached Ms Karwitha for comment about the allegations levelled against her by Mr Georg. She said: “I want to be left in peace. I don’t want drama this time round. I moved on, and he should as well”.

Ms Karwitha accuses Mr Georg of being mean to her when her mother, who is now late, was ailing. She says she was fed up with her husband’s lack of support, when she took in her younger sister with her.

“Georg was not for the idea, and we would quarrel nearly every day about it. I gave up and left,” Ms Karwitha told EDAILY.


Mr Georg and Ms Karwitha first sprung into public scrutiny when the then 65-year-old man accused Ms Karwitha of stealing his car and a Ksh1, 000, 000 before going into hiding.

Mr Georg took to his official Facebook account to post a message that took his friends and followers by surprise.

He wrote: “All friends, note. After the unfortunate incidents in recent weeks, caused by the unlawful conduct before my wife (name withheld), I hereby give official separation from her known. From now on, I take no liability for all her financial or other transactions. I wish her all the best for the future. But please, do not come back.”

Taking to the same status which attracted more than 255 comments, Ms Karwitha retorted: “I don’t argue with fools. I am your third wife by law without counting girlfriends in between. Does it mean every woman you met is bad? Go to court and apply for a divorce. Facebook won’t help you in any way.”

Speaking to Citizen Digital in September 2015, Mr Georg shared the experience, according to him, which led to the acrimonious split.

“I met my wife in 2007 in Mombasa. Her daughter was six-months-old then. She also told me her dad had died in a road accident in Malindi. So, she needed somebody to take care of her. I agreed to chip in,” he intimated.

Mr Georg revealed he dated Ms Karwitha for four years, after which the woman requested for something “more serious”.

“I told her am too old to marry her; but she told me age is just but a number. She wanted something more meaningful out of the relationship, so I agreed to marry her in 2011. We have now been together for eight years – four dating, four in marriage.”

The German also said that until their 2015 split, he was the sole provider and sustainer of his wife’s lifestyle.

“All through I made sure I supported her financially and she lacked nothing. I would also make sure I visited her in Kenya from Germany two times a year; in June and December.”

“I made sure she is living well – I booked her an apartment in Ukunda, opened her salon business, which I came to understand she closed down, sold it for small money and used the funds to finance her hefty lifestyle,” told the bitter Georg.

Sharing his relocation plans with his wife, George disclosed: “I also told her I know she misses me, but asked her to be patient till I retire in 2013, and then I would come and live with her in Kenya forever. Perhaps buy a plot, make a home and be in each other’s arms.”

Though he was happy to take care of her, Georg claimed his wife was extravagant.

“She’s the high maintenance kind of woman who likes to show off. She wasted the money on drinking with her friends, and she could hotel-hop with her clique drinking all kinds of expensive liquor.”

Asked if he suspected that his wife was seeing another man, Mr Georg said: “Some of her friends reported to me these things, but I had no evidence. I had to trust her – she was my wife. Some of them even told me she is sleeping around.”

So how did he get from trusting her to disowning her publicly?

He narrated: “On Friday, July 17, 2015, I withdrew KSh1 million from the bank. She’d been nagging me to buy her a car, so we agreed we’ll use the money to purchase one on Monday, July 20. I however asked her to keep the money safe in the wardrobe – just to see if I could trust her.”

On Saturday, July18, 2015, the couple visited a restaurant, and Mr Georg said she asked him for permission to use his car to visit a friend.

“She’d promised she’d come pick me after two hours. The period elapsed, and several hours later I still did not see her. I tried calling her but her cell phone was switched off. I got worried and reported the matter to police.”

He further said: “I then proceeded home; only to be shocked to find her belonging plus the Sh1 million she’d kept in the wardrobe missing.”

Mr Georg revealed the police could not trace her, and that she’d changed her phone number.

However, he contacted his wife’s friends who told him that she had eloped with another man who resides in Mombasa.

When he got in touch with his wife on Facebook, Heinz claimed she opened up why she left unceremoniously.

“In one of the messages, she sent me read: ‘I spent eight years of my young life with you. I just took KSh1 million and you are complaining! I needed the car too to start a new life.’” Said Mr Georg.

Mr Georg regretfully narrated how he sold his home and property in Germany to come start a new life with his wife in Kenya.

“After retiring from work in 2013 and finishing my relocation plans from Germany, I joined my wife in Mombasa in June 2015. I even told her maybe I have 25 years of life, and that our lives would be a happy one with no financial difficulties.”

“But I am sad, she ended up disappointing me! I am hearing through our mutual friend that she said if I forgive her, she’d come back. But I have moved on; I just want a divorce!”

When Citizen Digital reached out to Ms Karwitha for comment, she gave a contradicting tale.


Speaking exclusively to Citizen Digital, Eva Karwitha narrated a tale of abuse, cruelty and financial control that resulted in her going into hiding fearing for her life.

The then 26-year-old revealed that her relationship with Mr Georg started back in 2007 when she was 18 and was living in Ukunda.

“My friends had offered to take me out to a club – I had never been in a club before. That evening Georg approached me and asked if I could go home with him that night,” she told Citizen Digital.

“I was very scared, but my friends encouraged me and I went with him.”

Eva added the next day Georg asked if she could move in with him, which she agreed to and that was the beginning of their romance.

Heinz would leave Kenya after two weeks but promised to be back after three months.

She said: “When he came back, I took him to see my parents in Meru before he left for Germany again.”

Eva said they spoke frequently but after one year, Georg cut off all communication with her.

“I did not know what had happened to him – whether he was alive or dead. So moved on with my life and started afresh without him.”

One year later I received a text from him asking me to pick him up at the airport in two days time – I did not believe that, but because he had given me details of his arrival I went to the airport, and there he was,” she said.

The two lovers reconciled and started over after Georg apologised but the same behavior was to recur three weeks later when her husband left for Germany but this time the silence lasted nine months.

According to Ms Karwitha, Heinz would go on lengthy silences without showing any concern for her.

“He did this because he knew I was poor and could not do anything,” she said.

Due to the lengthy silence, Ms Karwitha decided that she would not continue to live with Heinz unless he married her since her trust had waned.

In February 2011, Heinz allegedly made a surprise visit to the country bearing gifts, among them a wedding gown, and declared that since he was in the country for two weeks the couple should marry before the period lapses.

Eva admits she was hesitant due to the short notice but since Heinz was her boyfriend she agreed to the arrangements and married him.

The marital bliss did not last long as she says she discovered that her new husband had lied to her.

Her husband had mentioned that he was a divorced father of two but never that he had married another Kenyan girl.

“In the morning of our wedding, I saw some of the documents he needed at the marriage registry had a female Luo name,” said Eva.

When asked, Heinz allegedly said he did not consider it a marriage due to its short duration, further promising to relocate Karwitha before changing his mind and deciding to retire in Kenya.

“In 2013 he came and told me he had retired and that he was ready to live with me,” she said.

What should have marked the beginning of their happily ever after marked the genesis of her problems as Eva says her husband started ‘behaving weird’.

The first time her husband allegedly beat her was after he saw her sending money to her mother and got furious, saying he did not marry the whole tribe.

She reported the incident to Diani Police Station but said no action was taken.


In June 2013, Eva discovered she was pregnant and informed her husband who promised to jet into the country in October of that year.

She went into labour in January 2014 and delivered a baby boy via cesarean section.

“When I woke up, my husband was seated next to my bed, but I could not see the baby.”

Her voice shook as she narrated how her husband informed her and the doctor confirmed that she had a stillbirth,

“I asked him where the newborn was, and he told me the baby had passed away.”

The new mother grew suspicious after her husband and the hospital allegedly declined to show her the baby, instead insisting that they would show her the next day.

Ms Karwitha narrated that the body she was shown could not possibly be that of her baby as it was older than a few hours – hospital report obtained has the baby’s weight at 3Kgs.

Mr Georg, sending an official hospital report, which confirmed the baby’s resuscitation as unsuccessful to this writer, denied claims of illegally disposing off the infant’s body. He also said he wasn’t responsible for Eva’s pregnancy.

“I was not the father, because I left her end of April 2013 and had no contact with her until I left Kenya in June 2013. If I counted back, the pregnancy was conceived in May 2013. In August 2013 she informed me that she got pregnant by me and expected to give birth mid December 2013. Look at when she delivered!”

As fate would have it, their marriage could not survive the incident and the couple split in February 2014.

In an effort to save her marriage, Eva met with Heinz severally and was allegedly badly assaulted a few times.

One time, she intimated to this reporter that she was beaten to a pulp for questioning why her husband was entertaining another woman in a hotel room.

She added that when she reported to the police, she was instead arrested and detained for it yet no action was taken on Heinz.

Mr Georg later left for Europe and stayed there for six months.

When he returned, the couple briefly reconciled, with Georg asking Eva to sell her household property and move into an apartment with him.

Her husband then promised to upgrade her car so he withdrew KSh1 million over a period of ten days for that purpose and gave it to her.

The peace in her marriage was, however, not going to last as a misunderstanding in their home led to a bitter quarrel and fight.

“He beat me up and told me he can kill me and take his suit cases to the airport and nobody – not my family, not my government would trace him.”

Eva narrated that she used her date as an opportunity to get back to the house, take the KSh1 million, her car and escape.

She revealed that she later communicated with Mr Georg: “I reached him on Facebook. He pleaded with me to get back with him, but I told him I am not ready to be enslaved. We can only go to court and get a divorce.”

Eva refuted claims that she stole her estranged husband’s Sh1 million and a car, saying she only took property, which was rightfully hers and ran away.

About the salon Georg claimed he’d opened for her, Eva says it is he who asked her to close it down.

“In 2013 when he had just retired, he gave me capital to start a business since I was tired of doing nothing at home.”

“It was working very well. He, however, started complaining that I wasn’t giving him enough time, and that I had to choose between him and the job. I chose him.”

When Citizen Digital reached out to Mr Georg to respond to claims of having assaulted Eva, he said: “I never mistreated her in any way. Everybody is invited to follow her comments on my Facebook wall and see how I admired her nearly daily as my African queen and together with her daughter as my angels without wings.”

Mr Georg maintained his wife’s “unfaithfulness” and “extravagance” were her undoing.

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