Drama fist fight erupts during church service

Drama ensued at Tiwi Baptist church in Mombasa County when the congregation engaged in a battle of insults over who should be the pastor of the church.

Pastor Samuel Masha claimed that his predecessor, Vincent Munyobi, had sparked the clash because he was unhappy with the fact that he had been ejected from church leadership.

According to Masha, the former pastor had embezzled funds from the church and the school located on the church compound.

“Vincent Munyobi has been a crooked man; that’s why he removed from leadership,” said Masha.

According to witnesses, Munyobi and a team of his supporters disrupted the Sunday morning church service.

Addressing the incensed crowd, he stated that he had grown the church from the ground up.

“I have been here for 20 years, built the school, brought them sponsors, and 20 years, since 1994 – why would they call me corrupt?” remarked Munyobi.

Commenting on the scuffle, New Mabriver Baptist church director, Onesmus Mathenge, said Monyobi could not force his leadership on the constitution.

“If his people have rejected him, who is he to say no?” queried Mathenge

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