Drama as ‘three’ families claim woman’s body

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Drama ensued at the chief’s office in Kibera, Nairobi County Wednesday 17 after three different families emerged to claim the body of a 58-year-old woman who died on August 8.

It is alleged that the mother of seven, Joyce Kagai, lived as a single mother until her death.

The area chief, Peter Omolo, says he had planned to finalize the burial arrangement Tuesday night with one of the family before the other two surfaced.

According the family, the 58 year-old gave birth to her first three in Tigoi then moved to Maragoli before she settled in Tiriki clan for his last born son. All the seven want their mother buried at their respective birthplaces.

The local administration hitherto said that if the family is not in agreement then he will order that the deceased be buried at Langata cementry.

Conversely, Ms Kagai’s brother- who lives in neighbouring Uganda- says his sister should be laid to rest in his home if the family is not willing to give an amicable option. He pointed out that it is only the Tiriki clan that paid for the bride price.

Reported by Erick Owenga

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