Drama as man wakes up to find his privates on fire

When 32-year-old Antony Werunga went to bed on Sunday night, he had no idea that he would wake up to a rude shock: his private parts on fire.

Werunga, who is currently nursing serious wounds at a Matunda hospital, says he and his wife of 15 years had argued about land ownership the night before.

The two, who have had a tumulus union in the past, clashed when he asked her to give him his land agreement and identification card.

“At about midnight, I woke up to finds that my private parts were on fire. I frantically called out, asking my wife to help me, but I could not see her,” he narrated from his hospital bed.

Mustering all the strength he could, a gravely injured Werunga tried to leave the room to seek for help.

That was when he was slapped with a second rude shock: his wife had locked him in the room.

“When I touched the door, I realized that she had locked it from the outside.  I called out frantically saying: ‘There’s no water and she is burning me! She is burning me!’ Realising I was not receiving any assistance, I gave up,” recalled a pained Werunga.

He would eventually get assistance and medical treatment.

It is said that love covers a multitude of wrongs, but Werunga has completely ruled out reconciliation.

This is, however, not the first time that Werunga’s wife has set things on fire.

“This is not the first time she has torched things. She previously burned by brother’s clothes and even the beddings,” the victim’s brother explained.

Though there has been no word about legal action, Werunga’s father says a traditional “cleansing ceremony” must be performed.


Reporting by Eric Ayiro.

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