Drama as male MCA asks his female counterparts to remove bras


There was drama in the County Assembly of Embu Thursday, October 13, after Runyenjes Central ward representative, Steve Munene, asked his female counterparts to remove their bras to mark the No Bra Day in solidarity with breast cancer awareness campaign.

Mr Munene who rose to seek the indulgence of temporary Speaker, Ngari Makenge, said October 13 requires all women in the world to ditch their bras to reinforce the ongoing sensitisation on breast cancer.

He urged female Ward Reps to join other women in observing the call to “set their breasts free”, arguing men are incapable of honouring the appeal because they do not wear bras.

He added that the Sergeant-at-Arms should have checked if the female MCAs had complied with the ‘directive’ before setting foot into the County Assembly chambers.

The temporary Speaker, however, threw the challenge to female MCAs to respond to Munene’s request, saying just like Munene, he too is a man.

The temporary Speaker, however, urged the female MCAs to adopt a more modest fashion of showing their solidarity in the fight against breast cancer.

Makima MCA Penina Mutua stated that all female MCAs were in support of the cancer awareness campaign but stated she would not comply with Munene’s “no bra” call.

However, Munene maintained that every female MCA purporting to support the fight against breast cancer should first confirm that they were wearing no bras.

An incensed Ms Mutua urged Munene to refrain from “displaying infantile tendencies” in the County Assembly, urging him to respect the female MCAs whom she said were all older than Munene.

She said she could not understand why Munene was so “excited about women’s breasts yet he recently got married and ought to have had enough of them”.

Health Committee chairperson, nominated MCA Agatha Muthoni, also scoffed at Munene saying he was making a mockery of a very serious issue that needed concerted efforts from the county government to effectively arrest its effects in society.

Report by Anthony Ndwiga.



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