Drama as Kisii man gets physically stuck inside married woman during sex – VIDEO

Authorities had to be called in to restore order at Daraja Mbili Market in Kisii County Thursday after a crowd gathered to see a cheating wife and her lover locked together during sex after the rumour spread that her husband had asked a witch doctor to put a curse on her private parts.

Although medical experts say the embarrassing experience could have been a case of ‘penis captivus’, in which the woman’s vagina had contracted too much and trapped the man’s penis, the crowd was unable to stop the rumour and the mob had quickly assembled.

Reports claim that the unfaithful middle-aged woman had been romping with her lover at West Gauge lodging near Daraja Mbili Market while her husband was away on business.

But the passion soon became embarrassment and pain when the amorous couple realised they were unable to pull away from one another.

The shocked pair began calling for help, which soon turned into screams as they became more desperate to unlock.

The woman’s husband had reportedly sought services of a local witchdoctor after suspecting that his wife was engaging in clandestine activities.

Fully wrapped in a blanket, the stuck pair was carried by Good Samaritans through Daraja Mbili Market to a nearby witchdoctor who conducted rituals to unlock them.

The local magic specialist namely Annette Mutheu said she’d camped in Kisii town to bring an end to infidelity in marriages.

And again wrapped in the same blanket, the couple was taken away to an unknown destination by Good Samaritans, who wanted to protect their dignity.

Medics say although rare it is possible that a man’s penis could become trapped inside the woman in exceptional circumstances.

Penis captivus is a rare occurrence in intercourse when the muscles in the vagina clamp down on the penis much more firmly than usual (a form of vaginismus), making it impossible for the penis to withdraw from the vagina.









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