Drama as jilted woman storms husband’s introduction ceremony


Guests in Kyengera town, Kampala were treated to free drama over the weekend when a woman disrupted the introduction ceremony of her husband, says Uganda Online.

“I’ve been with him for 15 years, I can’t let this happen,” said the enraged woman.

Reports claim she had been locked in the house to ensure the obvious does not happen but soon, a friend tipped her of what was happening. It was then that she dressed ready for war and bolted to the wedding venue.

Upon reaching the venue, she walked straight to the high table and pulled her husband by the collar while shouting at the top of her voice: “He is my husband of 15 years, the children have no food, we sleep badly and here he is spending on this woman he got from a bar just days back.”

Other guests took out their smart phones and recorded the drama.

The spurned lover continued to yell letting whoever cared to know that she was not mad and that, the man had also stolen her piece of land.

The man claims he left his wife because she was unfaithful; saying out of their four children, one was not his biological child.

The jilted woman however had reported a case of land theft with her husband as the prime suspect.

On learning that the man was around, authorities closed in on him but he managed to take off before he could be arrested.


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