Drama as Jay Z storms out on Beyonce

Beyonce’s husband Jay Z has left their matrimonial home for some time alone PHOTO/COURTESY

Beyonce’s husband Jay Z has left their matrimonial home for some time alone, reports Radar.

The outlet says a source, who is close to the power couple, intimated: “Jay Z recently told his entire staff that he will not need their services for another month!”

“He (Jay Z) said that he has to take care of business and has a lot of traveling to do,” the insider said.

“As Beyonce prepares for her upcoming tour, Jay Z said that he is going to use the time to take care of his own business.”

Jay Z has reportedly been spotted in New York several times since March; while his wife Beyonce has been rehearsing for her forthcoming tour of the globe.

Radar says the 46-year-old rap mogul has, in the recent months, deliberately become less involved in his 34-year-old wife’s career.

Recent weeks have seen a number of big announcements about Queen Bey’s new fashion line, Ivy Park, and Record Label, Parkwood Entertainment; while Jay Z’s career has ostensibly stagnated.

“Jay Z has been sweating the fact that his wife is trying to start her own empire right now and he is going into overdrive with making sure that it does not trump his own,” a source told Radar.

On top of that, Jay Z has been involved in a nasty paternity battle with Rymir Satterthwaite, 22, who alleges that the rapper is his father from an affair that he had prior to his rise to fame.

In March this year, Jay Z and Beyonce were evidently going through a turbulent time in their marriage after Beyonce said, at Kelly Rowland’s 35th birthday party, that “her marriage to Jay Z was over”.

Queen Bey later drew back the statement after her mother Tina Knowles blamed the singer’s out of the blue remarks on alcohol.

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