Drama as aunt’s matchmaking tendencies backfire after Migori man, 50, rejects woman


There was drama in Central Kamagambo village in Rongo, Migori County after a 50-year-old man turned down a woman whom his aunt had recommended for marriage.

The aunt, 70, is known for her match-making antics – and has in the past recommended wives for her two sons. She even followed up to make sure that her sons married the women.

The elderly woman’s nephew had recently suffered a fractured hip bone and because of his financial bottlenecks, he could not seek medical services from a top health facility, let alone a basic one. The 50-year-old was thus restricted to the confines of his single-roomed cob house hoping he would recover with time.

Sadly he relieves himself in the house – both short and long call. The quinquagenarian depends on well-wishers and relatives to provide him with food.

Following his austerity in binge drinking, the man sold all parcels of land he inherited from his late parents – and has only been left with an area less than an eighth of an acre where his mud wall house stands.

Early this month, his aunt checked on him to know his health progress – and when she entered the man’s house, the pungent smell emanating from the cob due to his urine and poop littered on the floor, sent the elderly woman running for the hills.

Being a quick-thinker she is, the woman thought to herself how she would salvage her nephew’s difficult situation. And what came to her mind? To look for a wife who would take care of the ailing man.

She embarked on a searching spree; with the help of her many years of experience in match-making, she managed to convince a 51-year-old widow to enter into a union with her nephew.

When the woman was presented before the man who at the time was resting on his bed, he accepted to live with her – and even acknowledged how beautiful she was. He even set a date for the woman to return and formally begin living with him.

However, when neighbours and relatives brought him food, he would be heard complaining how his aunt brought him a “grandmother “.

“Koro dhako ma otii cha e ma mama wa oneno ni oromore koda? Dhako ma toke te otimo lwar ma rachar! Kasto okona ni dhako no oyie dak koda kata ka ok wabii yudo nyithindo… An ok adwar. Ariembe ni odhii go kucho kabisa. Deche ok adwar (So my mother [the name he uses to refer to his aunt] saw that that old woman is the one who fits me? A woman who has gray hair all over – including the back of her head! She (aunt) then tells me that the woman has agreed to live with me even if we would not have children together… I don’t want. I sent her away with the said woman. I don’t want grandmothers for a wife),” the 50-year-old was heard telling his elderly female relative.

The man would later tell off his aunt for recommending a woman “as old as his mother” to be his wife.

“Ok abi konyo wuoda no kendo, kata ka othoo. Ere kaka onyalo riemba gi nyako majaber ma atero ne ni okona ni nyako no otii. Kata chiemo ne aseweyo tero ne (I will never help that nephew of mine again; even if he is dying! How can he tell me that I recommended a very old woman for him? I even stopped taking food to his house.

The 50-year-old had in the past inherited two widows and even sired children with them. The two women however left him after he showed irresponsible behaviour as he did not provide food or school fees for the children.

The man has since been left to survive on his own means.



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