DP Ruto: I have issues with CJ Mutunga wearing an earring


Deputy President William Ruto has said he has an issue with the Chief Justice of Kenya Dr Willy Mutunga wearing an earring.

Ruto says he has a son who is a lawyer – and he finds it quite difficult to explain to the youngster why the President of Kenya’s Judiciary and Supreme Court  wears an earring – contrary to what many may deem culturally acceptable in the African context.

Ruto was responding to Citizen Television news anchor Hussein Mohammed’s question regarding Opposition CORD‘s hard stance against IEBC.

The DP was The Big Question guest on Tuesday, June 7.

“I have issues with the IEBC too just like I would with other institutions,” said the DP.

“For example, my son who is a lawyer usually asks me why the CJ has an earring. I have issues with it,” he said.

Ruto says, despite having issues with IEBC, his hands are tied and urges Opposition to follow the Constitution in removing IEBC Commissioners from office.

Ruto indicates the same applies to his disapproval of the CJ’s earring – but he cannot judge Dr Willy Mutunga; so long as he has not breached any law.




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