Don’t impose leaders on us, Khalwale to Raila


Kakamega Senator, Dr Boni Khalwale, has warned Opposition leader, Raila Odinga, against imposing leaders on constituents of Western Kenya.

Speaking on Saturday, May 20, at the burial of Nehemia Ashiembi, a Lurambi constituent, Khalwale told Raila that Western Kenya leaders entrusted him with national leadership, and therefore he (Odinga) should leave it to the people on ground to elect their own leaders without preferential treatment of certain candidates.

“As a senior politician in the Luhya nation, I urge you, Luhya people, to elect Raila Odinga as Kenya’s President on August 8. Uhuru out, Raila in,” Khalwale told the mourners.

“We have shown respect to Raila Odinga by choosing him the NASA flag bearer. He should be satisfied by that position, and refrain from imposing leaders, such as MCAs, MPs or Governors on the Luhya people. We are telling Raila to leave the Luhya people to elect their own leaders without exercising his influence on the people,” said Khalwale.

Khalwale has expressed interest in unseating Kakamega Governor Wylcliffe Oparanya on August 8 General Election.

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