Don’t go to witchdoctors, let me retire properly: President Mugabe

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe has hinted he could soon step down as head of state, reports The Independent.

Mugabe, who is one month away from entering his 30th year as Zimbabwe’s President, admitted that the country was entering a period he described as “regime change”.

Speaking on his return to Harare – from the COP22 UN climate summit in Marrakech, Morocco – in a key speech to senior government officials and police leaders, Mr Mugabe said: “If I am failing, let me know. I will go.”

Calls for Mugabe to step aside were given new momentum in July by the former vice-president and close Mugabe ally Joice Mujuru, now having formed her own party in exile.

Ms Mujuru said the president was corrupt, the country “collapsing” and that Mr Mugabe must “resign and call for fresh elections”.

“We are in a critical time of regime change. To think that we will be toppled by whites who say ‘we want to change the government of Zimbabwe’ – which we fought for all these years, will we simply yield? I say no. The British (and) Americans are working hand in hand, but I think we have defeated them. So change will come in good time.

“If I have to retire, let me retire properly; people must sit down and discuss it cordially and not go to traditional healers such as that woman did (Ms Mujuru), leaving us and calling themselves Zimbabwe (People) First (the party Mujuru started after she was expelled from Zanu-PF by Mugabe). That’s just not OK.”

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