Don’t be caught girly-creeping! Here’s how to walk gracefully in your heels

There’s nothing quite as strikingly feminine as a beautiful pair of heels.

When worn well, they complete an outfit spectacularly. They give you that extra bounce in your step, adding a bewitchingly attractive sway to your stride.

The same shoes can have the exact opposite effect when worn wrong. To avoid looking like a newborn calf in those breathtaking stilettos, here’s what you must do:

Break in your heals

New shoes are often stiff and need to be worn for a while so that they can become comfortable. The case is no different when it comes to heels.

To break into your heels you can: wear them throughout the day, bend and twist them, keep them stuffed or wear them with socks.

Take small steps

To look graceful in your steps take small and slow steps.

Your knees should not be bent more than they normally are.

Its key to note that the higher the heel the smaller strides you should take.

Walk heel to toe

To look at ease in your heels put your heel down first followed by your toe.

If you put your whole foot down at once as if you are in flat shoes your walk will be rough.

Visualize yourself in a straight line

Take a straight path walking from one point to another as if you are walking in an invisible straight line.

One foot should come immediately behind the other.


Practice makes perfect. Practice walking in your house and on different surfaces and you will crunch the walk in no time.

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