Don’t apply for your ID using your lover’s name, MP tells young women

Love is merely a madness, William Shakespeare said. And anyone who has been struck by Cupid’s bow an attest to the feat that one is prone to making foolish decisions when they are under the influence of the powerful emotion.

In a bid to warn young women against love-induced folly, Kiambu county Women Representative, Anna Nyokabi, has advised them to avoid using their lovers’ names when registering for a national identification card.

The Women Rep noted that some young women, who are caught up in the excitement of young relationships, are opting to use their boyfriends’ names.

“When young women leave school, some of them opt to settle down with their lovers. So when they register for IDs, they use their lovers’ names, yet the two are not married formally,” said Nyokabi.

Nyokabi went on to clarify that she is not against women taking on their significant others’ names, explaining that it should only happen once they have been married.

“When you get formally married, you can take his name. But I insist that young women should not use their boyfriends’ names when they are registering for their IDs. Why? Because you will have problems looking for this person later once the relationship has fizzled out,” she explained further.

According to Nyokabi, many young women have come to her office seeking assistance after falling out with their lovers. These men reportedly refuse to append signatures to important documents after the relationship has turned sour, rendering these young women helpless.

These women are now seeing to revert to their family names, and they are subjected to a long process of changing names on their IDs.

Against this backdrop, Nyokabi has urged young women to stick to their names and their family names when applying for ID cards.

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