Doctor mistakenly killed my son, top actress claims

Renowned Nigerian actress Eucharia Anunobi has claimed that her son, Raymond, was accidentally killed by a doctor on August 22, 2017.

Raymond, who was Anunobi’s son with ex-husband Charles Ekwu, succumbed to sickle cell anaemia aged 15.

And now Anunobi claims that Raymond’s death could have been averted had his doctor been more careful. She did not, however, reveal the doctor’s mistake, which lead to her son’s demise.

Speaking to Nigeria’s Saturday Beats, Anunobi explained why she celebrated her son’s posthumous birthday.

“I have not removed my mourning clothes, neither have I opened my hair since the death of my son. I have only been wearing white since his demise and the reason I have maintained this is because my son was a good boy to me; but he was mistakenly killed by the doctor. My son was not supposed to die. He was a very wonderful child. I decided to honour him by marking his 16th birthday posthumously the way we normally do,” Anunobi said.

“During our birthdays, we usually visited the motherless babies and show them love by donating some clothes and food to them. This year would not be any different from the previous ones we have celebrated. I am going to do it the way my son and I had always done it and I would give out some of his personal effects. Normally, when someone dies, you do not touch their things for about a year.

“For instance, if a man’s wife dies he is not expected to touch her things or dispose of them till after a year. Initially, I decided to do the same thing but I later changed my mind and that is why I donated some of his things to a government-owned motherless babies’ home and also to the boys at the Special Correctional Centre for the Boys. I am doing this because I am a humanitarian and to let the motherless babies know that we love them,” she said.


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