Do you love forwarding many messages via WhatsApp? This move by the App would leave you unhappy


Chat platform WhatsApp has rolled the latest software update on iOS devices, limiting the number of recipients of forwarded messages to five.

The update, which has since been implemented in India, was first announced by the messaging platform back in July, 2018.

This development comes after the Government of India sent a second notice to WhatsApp, asking it to come up with strict measures to tackle the spread of fake news via the app.

The Government wants “accountability and facilitate enforcement of law” in the wake of rising incidents of rumours communicated via WhatsApp, triggering lynching incidents in India, and is looking for solutions that can help law enforcement agencies.

WhatsApp also said that it would be doing away with the quick forward option which sits next to the media on WhatsApp chats and allows the users to quickly forward a media to their contacts.

Users who wish to see these updates on their iPhones can download the latest version 2.18.81 from iTunes.

These introductions by WhatsApp would, reportedly, be spread out across the globe.

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