DNG finally reveals why he split with his wife


Self-proclaimed East Africa’s number one hype man DNG has revealed why he broke up with his wife Yvette Nungari.

DNG indicates he dumped Yvette because she had an unappealing personality.

DNG opened up and said it all on Instagram on Tuesday, May 3 after curious and intrepid fans asked him the whereabouts of his wife Yvette when DNG posted a photo showing him having a good time with an unidentified woman.

He captioned the picture: “A hearty laugh and a good conversation…”

A user going by the name Wanza Carol then posed on DNG’s timeline: “Where did Yvette go?” Another user, Roselyn said: “We miss Yvette; she was the cutest!”

DNG then responded to Roselyn saying: “She (Yvette) is single. The two of you can hook up (adds laughing emoji).

He then adds: “I dumped a really hot chic (Yvette) who had a really dark heart and a [expletive] personality. I’d rather be with a chic who scores 1/10 when it comes to looks but who has a heart of gold. It takes a really mature mind to understand such depth.”

Wanza Carol seconded DNG, saying: “You settle where your heart is comfortable.”

DNG immediately responds: “It is foolish to pretend to be happy with someone because he or she looks good. Na akichapa (what if her beauty fades)?”

News about DNG and Yvette’s separation broke in February this year – Just a month shy of their first wedding anniversary.

The couple tied the knot in March 2015 at the picturesque Fair Mount Kenya Safari Park. However, jumping the broom did not come without its fair share of drama.

A month to the wedding, DNG was reported to have sent a text message to close family members informing them that the couple’s big day had been called off.

This shocked them and thus a meeting was called and the couple held peace-making talks.

A common ground was reached and wedding plans were back on. In March, 2015 the pair exchanged vows in a scintillating ceremony.

Until his recent Instagram confession, DNG had not officially confirmed their break up – despite all indicators of a troubled marriage giving the couple away.

The popular event MC deleted all traces of his alleged estranged wife from his social media pages. That was followed by puzzling status updates that were construed to be subtle messages directed to Yvette.

He wrote: “Never take back a snake. Even if it sheds its skin, a snake will always be a snake.”

A few days before Valentine’s, DNG added: “Thank you God for the success. The great achievements overshadow the failure. 101-1 is still 100.”


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