DK Kwenye Beat resurfaces, speaks on sex case with Nakuru girl


Gospel musician DK Kwenye Beat says a possible legal tussle between him and a young Nakuru woman, who accused the singer of intentionally infecting her with sexually transmitted diseases, is in the offing.

Speaking exclusively to Radio Citizen’s Mambo Mseto host, Willy M. Tuva, DK said legal shackles bar him from speaking extensively about the case.

The “Sari Sari” star, however, said he has reached out to the woman in a bid to settle the matter amicably.

DK Kwenye Beat further reiterated his earlier apology to his fans, saying he “fell” and is ready to rise again.

“I am a public figure, and to some people I am a role model. So, if they are looking up to me, it is good to understand that sometimes you fall, sometimes you stand, sometimes you… It is only the right thing to do to say ‘sorry’,” he said.

The musician will be interviewed – to a detailed degree – live on Radio Citizen between 12 noon and 3pm on Mambo Mseto on Friday, March 1.

Exactly one month ago, a Nakuru-based woman accused the gospel artiste of knowingly transmitting herpes to her.

The alleged victim claimed she met the musician online mid last year, and they met a few months later in the singer’s home in Nairobi, where he had unprotected sex with her.

That, according to the lady, was the second sexual encounter with the musician.

The first time the two met and had sex preceded their second encounter by three weeks.

The first encounter, according to the lady, DK Kwenye Beat was in the company of another gospel musician – Hopekid – who also allegedly got intimate with her. The men used protection on her during their maiden encounter.

However, after her second sexual encounter with DK Kwenye Beat, the woman claims she contracted Human Papilomavirus and Herpes, which forced her to part with at least Ksh25, 000 for treatment.

According to her, the musician was “fully aware that he was an STD-carrier”, when he was getting intimate with her.

The woman further claimed her subsequent attempts to reach DK Kwenye Beat to settle her medical treatment bore no fruits as he either ignored or blocked her completely.

EDAILY had previously reached the lady for comment.

She said – then — that she was “unsure” if she wanted to pursue the legal route.

Kenyan law, under Section 26(1) (c) of the Sexual Offences Act, stipulates a 15-year jail term for people, who knowingly infect their partners with STDs, and most notably HIV.

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