DK Kwenye Beat, Hopekid saga: Backlash forces Size 8 to disable Instagram comments

Gospel musician Size 8 was on Friday morning forced to disable her Instagram comments feature after a section of online users vehemently accused her of sympathising with Hopekid and DK Kwenye Beat, and not the 20-year-old woman the male singers allegedly sexually exploited.

The backlash came after the “Mateke” star preached forgiveness to her fans, urging them to excuse the two musicians because they sinned at a time they hadn’t genuinely known God.

In their droves, the Instagram users asked Size 8 why she was only pushing for the artistes to be forgiven, yet there was a lady in the mix, who was taken sexual advantage of, – and Size 8 couldn’t see that that was the bigger issue at hand.

Many female fans asked her to direct her energy toward sympathising with the sexual exploitation victim, and not the perpetrators.

Size 8, thereafter, took to her timeline to pen a long post claiming she “understands the pain” of the victim, but at the same time, she would want forgiveness to reign.

Of course, foreboding a serious backlash on her controversial stance, she disabled the comments feature.

Below is her post:

“People are going through so many things you cannot judge them from just the surface. Love is what people need more than ever. After talking to DK, I also talked to the lady in question after finally getting her contact. She is such a nice lady. And, yes, for sure, she is in great pain. I really feel her. After our talk, she, at least, felt the love of Jesus Christ.

“But she didn’t expose the story out of bitterness; she was just trying to create awareness to other ladies to be safe and not trust anyone.

“Please, [to those] people judging her, stop it. If you don’t know someone’s past, don’t judge the present. She is also completely changed [and is] working toward her dream of becoming a humanitarian and a counselor. My love goes out to her.

“And, I believe she is going to be a great woman very soon. The journey of healing starts with one step. And by God’s grace, I am walking with her, [given] total healing is a process. To DK, Hopekid and the young lady, the devil is the greatest enemy here trying to destroy these three star(s) with his rubbish. Ashindwe in Jesus Name!

“To all gospel artistes, please, please where we have sinned, let us all repent and go back to God. What is the moral of this whole story? if you play with sin, it will come back and bit[e] you. Stay away from sin. Let’s forget this story, and now start a journey of healing, deliverance forgiveness and love.

“To all the ladies out there who are going through similar situation, I love you, God loves you; I you’re your pain, but I plead with you all forgiveness is the key to your healing. You may not understand what I am saying, but I pray that God helps you forgive.”

Gospel musicians DK Kwenye Beat and Hopekid on Thursday night addressed claims that they sexually took advantage of a then-20-year-old video vixen, who hails from Nakuru.

The lady recently came out on Telegram to allege that she met with DK and Hopekid several times a few years ago, where, in one occasion, the two musicians had sex with her in turns.

The lady revealed that she knew DK and Hopekid via private message platform on Instagram.

According to her, DK would, a few months later, call her again to Nairobi, where they had unprotected sex and, as a result, she contracted Herpes and Human Papilomavirus (HPV).

The lady claims at the time, it was only DK, whom she had had unprotected sex with.

According to her, she incurred medical costs of at least Ksh25, 000 in treatment of the STDs.

Both musicians have come out to claim that they “sinned” at a time they hadn’t known God, and that they are “repentant”.

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