DJ Pierra Makena responds to allegations of fake deejaying at Uhuru event


Kenyan DJ Pierra Makena is at the center of online criticism after she was video-taped deejaying using a mixer allegedly not connected to the public address system, which was buzzing with music on the background.

The entertainer contracted to deejay at the Jamhuri Day celebration presided over by President Uhuru Kenyatta at Nyayo Stadium in Nairobi on December 12, was seen dancing while “spinning” the turn table in a manner suggesting that she was enjoying the music titled “Kenya Taifa Letu” that was playing from her device.

When the video found its way to social media, hawk-eyed online users posed why Ms Makena was “lying” to people that she was the talent behind the entertainment, yet the connections on her deejaying system sold her out.

The critics argued there was no audio-out wiring system from Ms Makena’s mixer, which, according to them, means there was no way that the music – that was buzzing in the public address speakers – was emanating from her MacBook computer and mixer.

Observers say since President Kenyatta was arriving at the venue, when the video was recorded, there was no way Pierra Makena could be allowed to deejay because – officially –, the live music band was the only entertainment outfit mandated to take over entertainment functions.

A Twitter user Chris, whose handle is @X_ChrisM, posed: “How was Pierra Makena DJing [sic] with a mixer which wasn’t connected?”

Another user J.W., whose Twitter handle is @MsWalchi, said: “Pierra Makena has been labeled mediocre from time immemorial. Since she seems to like the craft, why doesn’t she invest in it? Take private lessons with the best in the industry.”

Allen Ochi said: “Imagine paying Pierra Makena Ksh100, 000 to come play at your club, only to cue some pre-recorded mix and just throws in some drops and an MC…”

In a spirited rebuttal via EDAILY, Pierra Makena has dismissed her critics, saying: “they have never congratulated me for anything good that I do; they are always out to disrepute me”.

“I like my haters because they are only concentrating on pulling me down. Never have they pointed out the great things I have done in my 15 years of professional deejaying. Any DJ worth his or her salt will tell you that my deejaying equipment was connected to the public address system. Any good spin-master will tell you that when a DJ’s output clashes with that of a live band, the DJ has to fade out their music – that was what happened, when I dropped the faders,” Pierra Makena told EDAILY on phone Friday.

“If anything, I am the one who posted the video on my Instagram page. I am not stupid to upload that video when I know I was duping people; I wouldn’t post it if that was the case. Anyway, I owe no one an explanation because none of those people who are trolling me online pay my rent or feed me and my family. Let them continue making noise online while I am depositing money to the bank and paying my bills. In short, what I am telling them is: let us all work hard,” said Ms Makena.

“And before I drop the mic on this issue, I would want to respond to that online user who claimed that I am mediocre. I have been in this industry for 15 years – you tell me: How is it possible for one to survive on mediocrity for a decade-and-a-half? Why hasn’t the mediocrity killed my brand? That person, I think, is the mediocre one in this case,” said the disc jockey.






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