DJ Mo in fight with newspaper writer over Size 8 article, Grace Msalame, Willy Paul react


Gospel entertainer DJ Mo has called out a Kenyan newspaper columnist for writing an article which criticised him (DJ Mo) for putting his wife Size 8 to the test before marrying her.

DJ Mo had in a recent interview with Pulse Live revealed that he tested Size 8 five times to see if she indeed possessed the attributes of a wife before deciding to settle down with her.

Mo pretended to be a poor man, living in a low-end neighbourhood in Githurai. He wanted to see if Size 8, his then girlfriend, would love him despite a picture of a lover struggling financially being painted to her.

“She used to have a Toyota Celica, had a driver and when she visited, she would wear a hood and jump over a trench,” said DJ Mo in the online magazine interview.

In another test, DJ Mo guided Size 8 into a dirty house, where Size 8 did some thorough cleaning, washed utensils, and arranged the house in a gesture which DJ Mo said was the last mark which proved the Mateke hit-maker had passed his tests.

In the confession, DJ Mo said: “She (Size 8) understood me. Many girls who were throwing themselves at me were not really into me, but DJ Mo the celebrity. Some worshipped me because of my name. They did not understand the real me.”

Newspaper columnist Njoki Chege, in an article published on Saturday, September 16, took issue with DJ Mo’s “some women worshipped me” statement.

The newspaper columnist, Njoki Chege, writes: “Worship who? There is nothing as pitiful as a self-important man like DJ Mo, who thinks so highly of himself that he can make such brash assertions that some girls ‘worshipped’ him because of his name.

“Who in the world do you think you are, DJ Mo? DJ Mo should know that at the mention of the name Sammy Muraya, most Kenyans will first think of the late Benga maestro, not him.”

The writer also called out an advice that DJ Mo gave to young men, which suggested that bachelors should put the women they are in love with to the test before committing the rest of their lives to them (women), just like he (DJ Mo) did to Size 8.

Terming the advice as “misplaced”, Ms Chege wrote: “This is the reason we are having a lot of desperate women longing for marriage and even more stuck in loveless marriages, just to be referred to as Mrs so and so.

“DJ Mo is an embarrassment to the gospel industry for his demeaning and disrespectful portrayal of his wife. By showing us that he manipulated her into marriage, he is basically telling us that she is a gullible and naïve woman.

“If you ask me, Size 8 is not the lucky one here, DJ Mo is. He should consider himself lucky for bagging such a beautiful and talented woman.”

Breathing fire over the article by Ms Chege, DJ Mo took to his official Instagram page, which has 600, 000 plus followers, on Saturday, September 16 to vent his feelings.

He wrote: “Someone tell Njoki Chege (I have never heard about before) we are happily married and we are fine. Haha. My wife is a queen and I treat her like one – my wife loved me when I was, and had nothing. So, stop twisting the whole thing for relevance. That is all I meant.

“Njoki, you need to look for attention somewhere else. I am one Christian you can’t “tisha “with your articles. I pray for you to get married and please come for some marriage tips and advices.”

Reacting to DJ Mo’s Instagram post, gospel singer Willy Paul wrote: “Umenifurahisha baba. Nahitaji watu kama wewe hii Kenya (Your post has made me happy. I need people like you in Kenya).”

Media personality Grace Msalame reacted to DJ Mo’s post by posting five emojis of clapping hands, which insinuate she was in agreement with DJ Mo.

Gospel act LJ Maasai wrote: “Good one, DJ Mo. Such people should not be treated with meekness.”

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