DJ Crème reveals his “Prison Break-like” experience at the hands of US immigration

Renowned Kenyan DJ Crème de la Crème has revealed the details of his visa drama at the hands of US immigration.

Crème, who left Kenya on Wednesday for a month long tour of the US, was detained upon arrival at Dallas, Texas for not having the correct travel documents.

After his detention, the father of two was handcuffed and thrown in the back of a prison truck in a Prison Break-like manner.

“What you see on TV, Prison Break. It is real man. Because it is policy, they have to cuff you and bundle you behind their [prison] truck. You get to prison, you are handed this paper bag with orange clothes, ugly bad ones. I was locked up for real,” Crème said during an interview with Kiss 100.

Immigration officials grilled him extensively, asking him questions about his plans in the US, family and even his recent scandal.

Eventually, he was brought back home.

So, what caused the drama? Well, Crème accused a Kenyan promoter of sabotage, adding that the experience has made him all the wiser.

“I’m not bitter. It is a lesson I have learnt. Just get your paper work right, don’t trust these promoters, at the end of the day do your research. Lesson learnt. I’m easy,” he said.

The feted entertainer was forced to cancel the shows he had scheduled, but he promised US-based fans that he would return.

“To my US family, I’m really feeling bad that it turned out this way, but everything happens for a reason and I know without a doubt that we shall party sometime soon,” he promised.

Quickly dusting off after the dramatic ordeal, Crème killed it at the Blaze Kenya launch on Saturday night.

The entertainer also booked other events ahead of the much awaited Madaraka Day celebrations, sharing posters on his social media accounts.

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