DJ Adrian comes to DJ Pinye’s defence over ‘mediocre Kenyan music’ comment

Veteran Kenyan Deejay – DJ Adrian – has jumped to the defence of his embattled colleague, DJ Pinye, in the face of allegations that he blocked out local content on his T.V show back during his heydays.

Speaking to EDAILY on Wednesday, DJ Adrian credited his counterpart for playing an instrumental role in the success of Kenyan artistes such as Gidi Gidi Maji Maji and Hardstone.

“I know for a fact that Pinye was an important part of various artists’ careers back then and I feel that if you could just talk to them then you could get the real story. He even went on tours with most of them,” said Adrian who is set to play at the second annual Diani Beach Festival on New Year’s Eve.

He further stated that they – as deejays – played and continue to play a pivotal role in the music industry and that their efforts should not be written off.

“Personally, I was the first Kenyan deejay to tour the United States back then, and all I did was play Kenyan music during my shows; which got us much needed recognition out there and developed our industry,” added DJ Adrian.

DJ Pinye was in the limelight a couple of weeks ago after he stated, during an interview at a local radio station, that he never played some Kenyan musicians songs on his ‘The Beat’ show because he felt their videos were not up to his standards.

His remarks rubbed him the wrong way with Kenyan musicians – such as Khaligraph Jones and DNA – as well as Kenyans online who accused him of ‘killing’ upcoming musicians’ dreams back then.

DNA even went ahead to release a diss track directed towards the 47-year-old deejay titled ‘Kapinye’ which was, however, blasted by Kenyans online for being too weak.

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