Disturbing video of crowd setting woman on fire draws online outrage

A disturbing video showing a middle-aged woman being set on fire by a group of men and women has gone viral on social media.

The crowd, in the video clip, alleges that the woman was a witch.

The undated 2-minute video recording – believed to have been shot in Tigania, Meru County –, shows a man dressed in a grey shirt and black pair of trousers running after a woman who had hidden herself under a plantation and douses her in a highly-flammable substance.

The woman attempts to escape, but her aggressor pushes her to the ground and continues to pour the flammable liquid on her as other members of the crowd encourage him.

A woman can be heard in the background shouting: “Leta kiberiti, leta kiberiti [bring the matchstick, bring the matchstick]” as the victim tries to wrestle her way out.

She was, however, overpowered and burned alive after a lit matchstick was thrown at her by a member of the crowd.

The woman unsuccessfully attempted to put out the fire by rolling several times on the ground.

She eventually burned to ashes.

The video has attracted outrage with Facebook users urging the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to hunt for the suspects who lynched the woman and charge them in court.

More soon.

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