DISTURBING CONTENT: CCTV footage shows sickening moment woman goes for long call in home kitchen

A stomach-churning video footage has emerged online showing a middle-aged woman relieving herself of human faeces in a home kitchen.

The 2-minute footage, obtained from CCTV cameras installed in an undisclosed house on January 14, 2019 at 11:05am, shows the woman, dressed in a brown skirt and black sleeveless top, pick a plastic tin from scattered utensils in the sink.

She, thereafter, picks a yellow re-usable paper bag and wraps it, from the inner walls of the tin, in a bid to create a bowl-like receptacle.

The woman, believed by online users to be a house-help, thereafter, puts the tin on the kitchen floor, and then looks up onto the ceiling, seemingly, to try see if CCTV cameras were installed in the room.

After being convinced that no cameras were capturing her action [though the CCTV cameras were hidden], she squatted and positioned her buttocks right above the receptacle and proceeded to defecate – for close to 25 seconds.

The woman, thereafter, takes the yellow paper bag, which contained her faeces, and throws it into a litter bin, which she had placed right next to her.

The woman then proceeds to collect the tin, which the yellow paper bag was wrapped around, and throws it inside the kitchen sink, which was full of other utensils, including sufurias, cooking pans, tins and plastic plates.

The video ends by showing the woman holding the utensils.

Some of the online users, who watched the video, condemned the woman’s unhygienic, foolish, disgusting and lazy act.

It remains unclear, where the video was captured, and where the woman’s supposed employer(s) were.

EDAILY cannot publish the video because of its disturbing nature.

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