Did President Kenyatta transport Keringet to America?

During his just concluded trip to the United States of America, President Uhuru Kenyatta carried his own drinking water, bottled in Kenya.

President Kenyatta, who had travelled on Thursday, September 24th to the U.S. to attend the 70th Session of United Nations General Assembly in New York, carried bottled Keringet water.


He was attending a summit where the UN is expected to adopt the new post-2015 development agenda enshrined in what are known as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Keringet has been named the best bottle of water in Kenya and undoubtedly the safest in East Africa and seems to also be the President’s favorite.

Kenyatta met with several Presidents out of the summit and this is where they had Keringet water on the table as they were discussing issues touching on the SDGs.

keringet water on table

Countries often stock their embassies with their favorite commodities including water. It is, therefore, not uncommon for President Kenyatta to have gone with the said drinking water while meeting several Heads of States.

Uhuru Kenyatta


On a recent trip to China, he also transported food with him.

The President’s catering team that flew to China prior to his departure, took his favorite food along with them. Lamb chops, beef steak, fish and Fanta orange were in the travelling bags of the advance team.


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