Did Akothee get married in secret wedding?


Wealthy Kenyan singer Esther Akoth alias Akothee is currently in Johannesburg, South Africa where she took photos dressed in a white wedding gown and in another picture, she poses while kissing her presumed groom dressed in black suit.

The singer who left Kenya for the South African nation on Sunday, July 3 captioned one of the photos in a rather suggestive tone, saying: “Just for me and you, you are the papa of my pikin, wacheni nilie kwa chopper, kuliko kulia kwa baiskeli nikinyeshewa na Ben 10 (I would rather shed tears in a chopper than be happy while being rained on on a bicycle).”

In yet another caption to one of the many photos Akothee posted on Instagram, the Give It To Me singer says: “No apologies; yes I do, honey.”

The interwebs right away went into frenzy with social media users taking to Akothee’s timeline to congratulate her on her wedding.

However, the nuptials could be far from what really happened as reliable sources reveal that the singer is in South Africa for a video shoot to her new song yet to be released later this month.

eDaily reached Akothee’s management for comment, but the calls went unanswered and texts unreplied, despite notifications showing that the management had received the texts.

In a sound argument lodged by entertainment pundits, the singer could not have wedded without at least a family member, especially her eldest daughter Vesha Sheillan, present.

Almost all photos Akothee posted on Instagram show her in the company of her light-skinned “groom” only; with one picture showing her surrounded by “bridesmaids” dressed in black body hugging dresses. No marriage officiant can be spotted in the photos.

Additionally, the photos were taken at completely secluded locations – and pundits further speculate that Akothee probably booked such venues for her video shoot, hence locking out the public from accessing the identified setting.

Akothee had, just a day before flying to South Africa, sent her two sons Oyoo and Ojwang to their biological father abroad – a destination believed to be Switzerland.

“Nendeni kwa amani, Mungu awalinde mpaka tuonane tena wapenzi (proceed safely, may God protect you till we meet again my loved ones), just called papa and his phone is off. Please kiss him for me,” the energetic performer captioned a photo that featured her sons.

Akothee’s Swiss fiancé is the father to Oyoo and Ojwang. The pair had early 2016 set their wedding date for November 5, 2016 in Switzerland. So, the “wedding” held in South Africa came as a surprise to many – as fans expected her commitment ceremony to take place exactly four months from today’s date.

Did Akothee actually get married? Only time will tell.

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