Diamond’s controversial message to daughter sparks outrage among his fans


Tanzania’s finest Diamond Platnumz is not new to controversy on social media. And it seems he won’t stop anytime soon!

Recently, the singer posted a photo of his daughter Latiffah Dangote on Instagram and accompanied the picture with a caption that spawned fury among his followers.

His post read: “Buff day girl! My little Pumpkin! My Miss World @princess_tiffah kua mama, nikupe raha ya dunia na ujifaidie ustar wako….. ila dah ukikua chonde mama ukitunze wasikile sana #Kidogo tu, maana ntalificha wapi hili sura langu? (Grow up Princess Tiffah so that I spoil you with the goodies the world has to offer; and so that you enjoy your stardom. However, when you become a woman, take good care of it so that they don’t have a taste of it too much; just a little. I don’t know where I’ll hide my face (if nearly everyone tastes it).

Without expounding much, the post left many wondering what the “it” refers to.

However, some followers insinuated that Diamond Platnumz openly allowed her daughter to engage in sexual relations when she becomes a young adult – something many parents would not want to think of; let alone, imagine.

Below are some reactions of social media users who were outraged by Diamond Platnumz’s post:

Twins Rebeccita: The child has not even turned two and you are already thinking of her sexual relations? You shouldn’t use your daughter’s nakedness to advertise your business.

Precious Hamis: May God guide your teenagehood Tiffah. And I condemn the words said by your father.

Jahmol Biggz: Did you just write that (Diamond Platnumz)? Any real dad out there would not even think of making such statements toward her daughter.

Madi Mwashiti: … @diamondplatnumz better pray for this little girl because what goes around comes around. Many men out there won’t spare her.

Nayesu Daniel: Diamond Platnumz you are not a good father! How can you say such words to your daughter? I am disappointed in you. You don’t respect African values. If you don’t embrace morality, don’t drag your daughter into being like you – teach her good morals.

Tuzo Hella: Did you just say: ‘they should have a bite of her’? Perhaps when Diamond was writing the post, he was not in his right senses. Diamond you are not serious!


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