Diamond to put up business for Hawa of ‘Nitarejea’

Hawa admits to having a “problem” and is ready to seek rehabilitation services, if help comes her way [PHOTO | COURTESY]

Tanzanian heavy-hitter Diamond Platnumz has offered to put up a business for musician Hawa Mayoka, who is currently undergoing treatment for heart-related complications in India.

Hawa, who was flown to India early October 2018, underwent a corrective heart surgery, and doctors say she can now be discharged from hospital.

Diamond’s manager, Babu Tale, who accompanied Hawa to India; and has keenly been following her progress, says the “Nitarejea” hit-maker “will return to Tanzania soon”.

Diamond Platnumz footed the musician’s medical bill, which Babu Tale says, came to over Ksh2.5 million, which Diamond had initially offered to give.

And now Diamond says he is ready to put up a business for the singer once she returns to Tanzania.

“I have a lot of joy when I see you [Hawa] smiling, especially now. I would be happy to hear from you on the business project that you would want to pursue. Once I know what you want, I would help you realise that dream,” said Diamond Platnumz on Instagram, uploading a photograph of a smiling Hawa Mayoka.

Initial diagnosis in Tanzania in September, showed Hawa was suffering from liver-related complications due to heavy drinking, but the medical analysis was disproved, when she underwent tests in India.

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