Diamond Platnumz’s disturbing message following Zari Hassan’s shocker pullout


Tanzanian heavy-hitter Diamond Platnumz has – indirectly – reacted to news about Zari Hassan ditching him.

Diamond in an Instagram message, which sections have deemed to be disturbing, says he fears stress levels rising as a result of the unforeseen break up, could lead to him “not seeing the month of March”.

The Sikomi hit-maker posted a short video clip of Khalid Chokora’s hit called Kuachwa, and captioned it: “Goodness! There are songs whose lyrics reflect exactly what happens in people’s life. My fans, I’d appreciate your prayers. I strongly feel that (if things continue as they are), I won’t live to see March, 2018.”

In the song Kuachwa, Chokora sings: “Being ditched is detrimental to one’s health. While your ex-lover could be gaining weight, you, on your end, could be losing it (due to stress); being dumped hurts.”

Online users on Diamond’s timeline, immediately mirrored the lyrics of the song to a recent development in his personal life, where his flame and mother of two children, Zari Hassan, dumped him, citing perennial unfaithfulness on Diamond’s end as the main reason for their break up.

Though subtle, Diamond’s message was weighty, with quotas speculating that he could resort to taking his life.

Others, however, dismissed the award-winning crooner as an opportunist making alarmist posts ahead of a probable launch of new music.

Neither Diamond Platnumz nor his top management has come out to categorically speak up on the singer’s aborted relationship, which lasted three years and three months.


Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan on February 14 unexpectedly announced the end of her union with the chart-topper in an Instagram post, saying she arrived at the decision after keen scrutiny of Diamond Platnumz’s behaviour.

She alleged that: “he cheated on her a lot”.

She wrote:  “Understand that this is very difficult for me to do. There have been multiple rumours; some with evidence floating around in all sorts of media in regards to Diamond’s constant cheating; and sadly I have decided to end my relationship with Diamond, as my respect, integrity, dignity and well-being cannot be compromised.”


Zari Hassan, who has two children with the Utanipenda hit-maker, said she will work with the Bongo superstar to raise their children, Prince Nillan, One, and Latiffah Dangote, 2.

“We are separating as partners, but not as parents.This doesn’t reduce me as a self-made individual, and as a caring mother, and the boss lady you have all come to know,” she said.


Zari expressed optimism that despite the then-development, she would emerge strong.

“I will continue to build as a mogul, i will inspire the world of women to become boss ladies too. I will teach my four sons to always respect women, and teach my daughter what self-respect means.

“Unlike many, I’ve been in the entertainment industry for 12 years, and through all my challenges I came out a victor because I am a winner, and so are all of you Zari supporters,” she concluded.

Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz, an East African power couple, started dating in November, 2014 after Diamond broke up with Tanzanian actress Wema Sepetu over claims that Wema couldn’t bear him children.

Diamond – in a previous interview – said she loved Zari because “of all the women she dated, only Zari agreed to give him children”.

Zari is the ex-wife of the late Ugandan tycoon Ivan Ssemwanga, who died in May, 2017 after suffering a stroke. Zari met Diamond after dumping Ivan over claims of physical abuse.

The ex-couple had three sons together.


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