Diamond Platnumz speaks after photos showing Zari visiting hospitalised ex-husband surface online


Award-winning Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz, sees no harm in his partner, Zari Hassan, visiting her ex-husband, Ivan Ssemwanga, in hospital.

Ivan Ssemwanga fell unconscious early last week at his home; and was rushed to a South African hospital in critical condition.

Zari on May 15 posted a photo of candles on her Instagram page and requested her followers to pray for Ivan.

She wrote on Snapchat: “These two days have been difficult for me. Let us pray for Ivan.”

Ugandan media reported that Ivan Ssemwanga was suffering from heart-related complications.

Netizens were divided over Zari Hassan’s gesture toward Ivan, with some quotas claiming that she was being disrespectful to her current partner, Diamond Platnumz.

One user said Zari Hassan sending Ivan Ssemwanga a get-well soon message would have been appropriate, but a visit in hospital and even declaring “she was hurting” was in the extreme.

Other users, however, said Zari Hassan’s gesture was humane, and it showed how mature she is when it comes to handling issues relating to her ex.

Well, both camps were waiting for Diamond Platnumz’s official response – as to whether he was offended by Zari’s gesture toward Ivan, or not.

Speaking to Tanzania’s Perfecto TV on Monday, May 22, Diamond Platnumz said he is okay with Zari’s move, and even encourages her to visit Ivan in hospital at every opportune moment she gets.

“People fail to understand; Ivan was ailing, and his ailment was very serious. I think I was among the first people to know about Ivan’s condition. Despite having that information, I could not go to social media to tell fans that I knew about Ivan’s condition. Zari Hassan and Ivan Ssemwanga have three children together. She has all the rights of visiting him in hospital just to get to know how he is doing,” said Diamond Platnumz.

“I am the first person who calls Zari on phone every morning to enquire about Ivan’s condition. I ask whether she’s gone to hospital to visit him. I often emphasise to Zari that if she needs my help in making sure Ivan recovers fully, I am always available. I would do anything to save his life,” added the Make Me Sing star.

“Imagine if she fails to visit Ivan in hospital, then even my family will be doubtful of how she will treat me if a situation, where I am bedridden, occurs. We have to nurture a tradition of helping and supporting each other regardless of our differences.”

When asked whether he has; or is planning to contribute toward offsetting Ivan Ssemwanga’s medical bill that would accrue, Diamond Platnumz said he will willingly “chip in”.

“I have not contributed toward Ivan’s medical bill because no one has approached me to do that. But again, I cannot speculate and make a contribution when I have not been requested. That would come across as if I am looking for showbiz approval. But when I will be called to make a contribution toward Ivan’s hospital bill, of course I will chip in,” said Diamond Platnumz.

And when probed whether he is in talking terms with Ivan Ssemwanga, Diamond said no.

“I do not have Ivan Ssemwanga’s cell phone number because we are not used to each other in that manner. I only got to know him when Zari Hassan and I started dating. So, not having his number is not a big deal because I am wondering what we’ll be talking about.

“Though I have met him face-to-face; and that was during the MTV Video Music Awards held in August 2015. I just bumped into him after receiving my award. We did not talk to each other though.”


“Ivan and I have not had serious differences. It is his colleagues who often create the rift between him and I. And when there are differences between Ivan and I, I do not treat them as a battle. We fall out to make it known to each other of what we approve of and what we do not approve of. People, who are intelligent, know when and how to amicably solve a fall-out.”

And has he sent a get-well-soon message to his perceived nemesis, Ivan, – even through Zari Hassan?

“I haven’t sent Ivan Ssemwanga a get-well soon message on social media because I do not know how different followers would treat my gesture. There are those who will say that I am looking for showbiz relevance. I take matters health so serious. And I often urge Zari to try and ensure that she does her things privately,” said Diamond Platnumz.

Recently, reports were rife that he (Diamond Platnumz) has fallen out with Zari Hassan after he and his ex-lover, Wema Sepetu, met, took photos and even cozied up to each other at the birthday party of Platnumz’s manager, Sallam Sharaff. Diamond refutes the reports.

“Of course in a relationship, couples must fight. But we haven’t fought to an extent where one of us moved out of the house. And the reports that Zari moved out of the house, after I rekindled a relationship with Wema Sepetu, are false. Differences bring forth what either of the couple likes or dislikes, when treated positively, they tend to build a strong relationship between partners,” said Diamond Platnumz.

Zari Hassan and Diamond Platnumz have two children together. The two started dating in November, 2014 after Diamond Platnumz parted ways with his ex-lover, actress Wema Sepetu.

Zari Hassan and her ex-husband, Ivan Ssemwanga, have three sons together.


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