Diamond Platnumz: Snooping through Zari’s phone could hurt me


Popular Tanzania musician Diamond Platnumz has revealed he never snoops through his partner’s cell phone because the ‘secretive’ information could hurt him.

Speaking to the country’s renowned showbiz personality Millard Ayo, Diamond says he trusts his lover not to cheat on him or misbehave, adding that he doesn’t need to police her.

“The first thing I vow not to do is snoop through Zari’s cell phone,” Diamond stated when he was asked if he’s ever sneaked a peek at Zari’s phone.

Explaining why he cannot dare go through her phone, he said: “I know she is human. Considering her celebrity status, men are bound to hit on her quite often. She could encounter temptations to respond positively to someone’s text message or call.”

“When it so happens, I bump into her positive reply while snooping through her cell phone, it would hurt me because I love her so much.”

“That elucidates why I don’t peep into her phone,” he affirmed.

Now that Diamond does not snoop through Zari’s phone, is that the case with the mother of his daughter?

“I don’t have any password on my phone, and I usually leave it anywhere and everywhere in the house. But knowing Zari’s personality too well, I don’t think she would snoop through my phone either,” told Diamond.

Saying cell phones are private devices, the talented artiste advised lovers to shy away from snooping through their partners’ phones.

“I strongly advise against lovers’ sneaking peeks on each other’s phones. The most important thing to consider is if your partner loves you unconditionally and respects you. Only that matters.”

“Allow her to do everything she wishes with her phone,” he concluded.

Diamond Platnumz and Zari Hassan have been dating since November 2014, and are currently one of East Africa’s top celebrity power couple.

They have been blessed with a baby girl, Princess Tiffah, who was born in August 2015.

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