Diamond Platnumz reveals the millions he pays in taxes on every show


Musician Diamond Platnumz has revealed that he remits Tsh.48.1 million (Ksh.2.2 million) to Tanzanian Government on every foreign show he holds.

The “Sikomi” star says he charges at least $70, 000 (Ksh.7.2 million) on each performance he headlines outside Tanzania.

The artiste – on Tuesday, November 13 –, made that revelation on Instagram, where he posted an open letter to the Tanzanian arts board (BASATA), urging the body to go slow on – or rethink – the punitive measures it has put in place for “lawbreaking” artists.

Diamond’s remarks come just a day after BASATA banned his new song called “Mwanza” from playing on TV and radio stations in the country. The board cited inappropriate lyrics and visual content as reasons for the prohibition.

The singer has urged BASATA to reconsider their decision, saying the song should be allowed to play outside watershed hours.

He says the decision might serve as a demoralisation catalyst to artistes, who wish to attain levels as high as his.

“And as you [BASATA] know, the fee I charge foreign firms and clients interested in my services is not less than $70, 000 (Ksh.7.2 million) per show. That figure is equivalent to Tsh.160.3 million. On one show alone, I often pay Tsh.48.1 million (Ksh.2.2 million) in taxes to the Tanzanian Government. I, therefore, wish you listen to my plea,” said Diamond Platnumz.

In a June 2016 interview with E!TV, the “Kamwambie” hit-maker revealed his net worth as Ksh.405 million ($4 million).

His current net worth could be higher, given the investments he has made in the music production and media sectors.

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