Diamond Platnumz opens up on claims of betraying Zari Hassan


Award-winning Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz has debunked claims that he cheated on his partner Zari Hassan in recent times.

In a recent interview with Tanzania’s Bongo5.com, Diamond Platnumz refuted reports that have been making the rounds on blogs and gossip sites that he impregnated his model video vixen Hamisa Mobeto; and at a separate incident in the past, eloped with another video vixen identified as Lynn.

Diamond says the respect he accords Zari Hassan, the mother of his daughter Latiffah Dangote, would not allow him to engage in clandestine activities.

“What stands out in my lover (Zari) is her ability to understand. I am so proud of her. Since we started our romantic relationship (in November 2014), she knew that I am popular. She is equally popular. I would hear a lot of things said about her, she would hear so much about me.

“I live in Tanzania, and of course when I pursue (a woman), she is likely to fall for me (given my popularity); and there are daring women who would make their advances toward me at all cost. But, at the end of the day, it is upon me to stand firm on my principles as a man and see the best way possible to respect my partner, love her, protect her dignity.

“How she stomachs negative news about me should be treating the stories as mere hearsay, and she should accept that such kind of information about me will always be told. There is no way a lion can pass by a herd of gazelles without people saying it did not feed on at least a gazelle, they will say it ate (a gazelle), even if it did not,” Diamond Platnumz said.

The Salome hit-maker has attributed his growth musically, business-wise and socially to his family that comprises himself, Zari, their daughter Latiffah Dangote, his mother Sanura ‘Sandra’ Kassim and his sister Esma Platnumz.

“Family has triggered me to focus on what I do. It has taught me about calculated risk-taking because when I fail, it is not only my team that fails, but also my family. Therefore, I work tirelessly to make my nation, my fans, my daughter proud. They should look back in history and appreciate my achievements. Family has made me learn how to invest in business ventures. I’d want people not to refer to me as an artiste who was once on top of his game but has nothing to show for it today,” said Diamond Platnumz.


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