Diamond Platnumz, Ommy Dimpoz beef is getting ugly

Tanzanian superstars Diamond Platnumz and Ommy Dimpoz have gotten into beef – and it is getting messy.

Speculations of the two falling out began early 2015 when Ommy Dimpoz and Diamond Platnumz’s ex-lover, Wema Sepetu, were pictured getting cozy in bed. Dimpoz and Wema would later deny dating rumours; and Diamond did not talk about it.

Fast forward to 2016 – Ommy Dimpoz and Ali Kiba recently released a song dubbed Kajiandae, where they talk about artistes who buy YouTube views to communicate their superiority in the art. Quotas interpreted the song’s lyrics as pitch jibes thrown at Diamond Platnumz – whose tracks enjoy massive views on YouTube – and is arguably the biggest and most decorated East African artiste currently.

Diamond Platnumz would later respond to Dimpoz’s claim, saying Dimpoz is hating on him because he refused to play second fiddle to him (Dimpoz).

In a Wednesday interview on Clouds FM’s XXL Show, Diamond Platnumz revealed that Ommy Dimpoz had approached him in the past – and even sent people to him – to apologise and make amends, but he (Diamond Platnumz) wanted to hear none of it.

“He’s even sent my manager Sallam Sharaff to me, he’s even called me on phone, but I did not pick because I was wondering what I’ll tell him,” said Diamond Platnumz.

“I have no problem with people – and that explains why when they try to compete against me they can’t sustain the tempo and eventually beat me.”

Ommy Dimpoz who seemingly had tuned in during the show immediately took to Instagram to respond to Diamond Platnumz’s claims.

“So, Sallam Sharaff when you were begging me to end beef with Diamond Platnumz, to you it came across like I was sending you to go talk to him? Clouds FM kindly call me too for an interview tomorrow,” said Dimpoz.

Diamond Platnumz and Rich Mavoko have released a new track dubbed Kokoro, which many claim is a diss track directed toward Ommy Dimpoz and Ali Kiba.


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