Diamond Platnumz offensive rant on fan elicits outrage from his 3 million social media followers

Tanzanian sensation Diamond Platnumz lost his cool and launched a tirade at his Instagram fan after the follower said he “hates Diamond Platnumz.”

The Salome hit-maker took to Instagram on a live video Sunday to tell off the fan, accusing him of being broke hence the jealousy.

“You don’t need to hate me because I don’t hate you! By the way I don’t [expletive] know you. The person that hates me, I don’t know him,” Diamond Platnumz ranted.

“I only know people who love me because I always concentrate with people who love me, who support me, if you hate me [expletive] you, I don’t know you,” he added.

Diamond Platnumz went ahead with his rant, telling the fan that he is not stressed by him.

“You don’t even stress me out because I know you must be broke. If you are not broke, there is no way you can hate me, if you hate me you’re [expletive] broke, and if you’re broke you can’t stress me out because I got money more than you, I got more cars than you, I got houses more than you, I got money [expletive] in the bank more than you. You and your family know that, so if you hate me go to hell!”

Diamond Platnumz’s statement did not go well with most of his three million plus fans, who criticised him for outright arrogance.

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